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Where is there air #inequity in DC?

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Where are our most impacted communities?

Anyone around a lot of vehicles, construction, industry - plus anyone dealing with indoor air pollution on top of that {mold, pests, no central air}.  That's called cumulative impact, and it's entirely too much for your lungs to have to process on their own.

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Our Mission

Our Mission

We are Empower DC's Air Justice Project, a proud core organizational member of DC's Environmental Justice Coalition.  The Air Justice Project is a program focused on educating DC residents on the importance of air quality in the District for our long-term health - and how to stand for better air quality standards for our most impacted communities.


Our program covers the science of air quality both indoor and outdoor; history of policy influencing air quality inequities; and ways to set yourself and your community up for long-term good health.






Our goal is to empower DC communities to take action towards improving air quality in the District. By providing education and resources, we believe that individuals can make a difference in the fight for clean air. Learn more about how to protect yourself from air contaminants from your home to your neighborhood here.

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